Shocks & Sanitizers

Applied Biochemists® chlorine and pool shock products help to keep pool water clean and clear. 


Shocktrine® non-chlorine granular shock oxidizer removes organic contaminants that cause odors, skin irritation and cloudy water. It will not increase cyanuric acid levels, bleach liners or affect the pH. Shock and swim in minutes with Shocktrine® granular.

Useful Tips

  • Removes contaminants that cause cloudy water, eye irritation and odors
  • Won’t harm vinyl liners or swimsuits
  • No waiting –swim in minutes
  • Compatible with bromine, chlorine, salt water, ozone and minerals

Available Sizes: 1 lb. / 25 lbs. / 45 lbs.

chlorinating capsules
Chlorinating Capsules

Applied Biochemists® Chlorinating Capsules are a multi-purpose product that are easy and convenient to use. This product controls algae, kills bacteria and destroys organic contaminants. These 10.5 ounce caplets are designed to be used in the skimmer basket and provide a steady source of available chlorine for complete swimming enjoyment.

Useful Tips

  • Use only in pools with a skimmer and skimmer basket
  • DO NOT remove plastic sleeve from the caplet when using
  • Compatible with chlorine and bromine sanitizers

Available Size: 35 lbs.

granular chlorine
Granular Chlorine

This product is a stabilized and concentrated chlorine that will provide effective control of bacteria and algae when used as directed. 

Useful Tips

  • Controls algae and bacteria
  • Contains 56% available chlorine
  • Compatible with chlorine

Available Size: 50 lbs.

triple action tabs
Triple Action Chlorinating Tablets

Applied Biochemists® Triple Action Chlorinating Tablets sanitize pool water, prevent algae and contain power crystals that clarify pool water. This innovative, patented technology is slow-dissolving to offer up to one week of chlorination. It can be used on all pool surfaces and produces sparkling clean swimming pool water.

Useful Tips

  • Use in a floating dispenser, automatic chlorinator or feeder designed for this product, or place in skimmer
  • Make sure skimmer is completely clean and free of residue from other water treatment products before putting this product in the skimmer.
  • When placed in the skimmer, run the filter pump a minimum of eight hours daily.
  • Add one tablet per 10,000 gallons of pool water every week or as often as needed to maintain a chlorine residual at 1-4 ppm.

Available Size: 50 lbs.